Focused On The Future

Dear Friend,

Thank you for visiting the John A. Frassica II Committee website. I am truly honored to represent the students, parents, teachers and citizens of Waltham. I promise to be your voice on our school committee. Please find information about me and my campaign below.


John A. Frassica II

Waltham School Committee

Waltham, MA

617-775-8702 (cell)

Who is John?

John and his wife Ann have called Waltham their home since marrying in 1991. Their children are proud students of the Waltham Public Schools. Robert is a graduate of Waltham High School Class of 2016 and Johnson & Wales University Class of 2020. Nicole is a Junior at Waltham High School and enjoys playing field hockey and softball. You can find John and his family attending and supporting many events and activities throughout the community. John was past co-president of the Plympton Elementary School PTO. He and his family are members of the Waltham Museum, Waltham Arts Council, Gore Place Society. Besides enjoying camping, traveling and taking day trips with his family, John can be found in his backyard working in his garden, caring for his bonsai plants or painting his next piece of art.

John has been on the Waltham School Committee since January 2014. He is currently Vice Chair of the committee. During his time on the school committee, he has served three times on the bargaining team for teacher negotiations. He is a member of the policy manual committee, reviewing and updating the policy manual used by the school committee. He serves as the school committee representative on the School Building Committee and has been appointed to the Designer Selection Panel for the project. He serves as an Advisory Member of the Waltham High School TV Broadcasting Program. He also serves on the Advisory Council of the Waltham Family School. John, along with his former colleague Ms. Kaytie Dowcett, was successful in implementing the approval of three youth representatives from the high school to sit as members of the school committee during regular meetings. John made a promise during his 2013 campaign, and has followed through with that promise, to hold office hours to meet with constituents who want to talk about our schools.

John is proud to continue to serve all students, parents, citizens and educators of Waltham.

Watch School Committee!

The Waltham School Committee meets twice per month, usually on the first and third Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM, except for July and August which are special meetings only and during executive session meetings. Waltham School Committee Meetings are held at Waltham High School. The meetings are broadcast live and are repeated over MAC-TV on the Waltham Channel during the week.

Issues on John’s List

  • Insure that all students have the tools and resources at all times to achieve academic excellence.
  • Investigate classroom space for students for all of our schools.
  • Continue to communicate with parents regarding issues that are happening on the school committee. Continue to hold office hours with those who would like to discuss issues that are of concern to them.
  • Continue to improve the overall perception of the Waltham Public Schools.
  • Continue to examine the use of new and changing technology in the classroom and look at cost-saving measures for the future.
  • Support educators in gaining the skills they need to educate our children.
  • Continue to build a new, state of the art high school, providing a 40 to 50 year education plan that all students DESERVE in Waltham.